Lothiriel Edraithwen

Female Wood Elven Ranger


Beautiful, delicate, blond-haired, green-eyed wood elf. But appearances can be deceiving, as she is dead-accurate with her great elven long bow. She wears elven banded mail and carries a long sword. She is accompanied by a large falcon. Her favorite mount is a horse that was rescued from a burning cart, but she will usually ride a war horse into battle.


Lothiriel grew up in the city of Anartha training with her father, a member of the city guard. Her mother is a cleric of Rillifane. Not quite 100 years old, she has recently been sent from home on a mission by her father to bring a war chest to the Duke. Since leaving the forest, her eyes have been opened to the horrors of slavery. She has vowed to do all she can to help the resistance and bring an end to this abominable practice.

She can sometimes annoy her colleagues with her “goody-two-shoes” attitude. She avoids taking lives whenever possible, preferring to take prisoners. She believes that most people are inherently good and simply need to be liberated in order to see the err of their ways.

Her given name Lothiriel, which means “flower” was given to her by her father. She has taken the additional name Edraithwen, which means “maiden who saves”.

During an early battle, she took one of the slaver’s guards at arrow-point. Her party convinced him to help them infiltrate the opposing camp. During the battle, he was killed. Lothiriel insisted he be raised along with the other party members who had been killed or injured. Antony (or “Scotty” as she affectionately calls him, which came from referring to him as Scout #1) has since become a loyal member of the party, seeing this as his second chance at life.

Lothiriel and Scotty have become quite close. He was taken by the slavers to work the mines when he was a young teenager. He was soon cherry-picked from the mines to be trained as a Ranger. He now uses those skills to help the resistance.

She has of late befriended the giants that have carried the war chest on it’s journey. She can often be found around the campfire sipping their ale and singing their songs. The giants have begun making beer and selling it to folk in the surrounding area…

Lothiriel Edraithwen

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