Welcome to Vandemyr.

Vandemyr is a long running campaign that spans decades and has played host to many different gaming groups, different types and alignments of characters, and a vast span of ages of players and player experience levels.

Vandemyr has modest beginnings. In the early years of the 80’s, a small group of players in Walla Walla played in one another’s campaigns on a regular basis. This group over-lapped with other groups and included players from early Jr. high, high school, college and even some older and relatively more adult-like players.

On one occasion, I showed up to play with some friends and friends-of-friends and they universally agreed that I should run the game. This isn’t something I’d done before or even considered. But Dan Mulkerin and Mark Mulkerin handed me an if-then module and while they went about creating characters…I read the module and thought…how hard can this be? What little did I know back then or where this little game would take all of us.

My friend, Cecily Fuhr and I then sat down with some really cool and old maps of the Puget Sound in WA and used them as the basis for our original maps of Vandemyr/Nantaria. That area of the map can still be found on the world map if you know where to look.

Being the only female DMs that we knew of…it was never that difficult to find players.

We also didn’t know much about map making and like many young DMs we just kept adding as we needed…sort of irregardless of whether science would back our maps up in any real fashion. Then, it was just easy to say…you know…its a magical world after all.

The world of Vandemyr is large, at about five times the size of our earth, I did eventually sort of figure this out. In this multiverse, it is one of thirteen worlds or planes referred to by the gods as The Planes of Man. These are protected worlds that allow for minimal direct divine interference. It takes quite a bit of power (cost) for a full god to appear on these planes and its often met with repercussions from a faction known as The Order of the Rainbow Diamond. These are a group of divine beings of various types that protect The Planes of Man . These worlds or planes are the original seed homes of the races created by the creator deities. As such, the value of these worlds put each of them above most any other planes or worlds.

This is important. In this multiverse in order to become a full deity a being that is not a full deity must conquer a world or plane and hold it for one hundred years. Once a being has done this, they can control the plane or world in unique ways and draw energy from it to accomplish even greater tasks.

In order for a full deity (a lesser god) to become a greater god the deity must conquer five worlds or planes and hold all five of them for the requisite one hundred years (there can be some sharing going on but that’s a different discussion).

The Planes of Man are each worth five worlds or planes. This makes them targets of many an aggressive god.

Eons ago, Vandemyr was conquered by a creator deity. Creator deities are a unique set of gods with the intrinsic ability to create life and to create races.

Nantaria is the creator deity of dragons. She conquered the world and in so doing let loose hosts of dragons. After conquering Vandemyr, she ruled it for the required century and renamed it after herself. At this point, Nantaria buried herself in a massive mountain and fell into a deep sleep.

The ancient races and cultures still refer to Vandemyr as Vandemyr rather than Nantaria. The more modern areas of the world refer to the world as Nantaria.

What followed Nantaria’s deep sleep were wars among her offspring. They are, after all, not all that inclined to friendly or cooperative behavior. These battles lasted for generations. The ancient dragon wars left the world beaten and vulnerable. The surface races took the brunt of the aftermath of these wars with all that you might expect from centuries of war…famine and disease being only two of the devastating conditions.

Narita, who back then was thought of as the herald of peace for The Planes of Man, was a god with a plan.

Incarnations are beings in Vandemyr that can be almost anyone, born to the highest and lowest of the races and to the highest and lowest of stations. They typically come into being once a previous Incarnation has died or disappeared from the Planes of Man for too long. It can take a long time before an incarnation becomes known.

Narita grew into power on one of the Planes of Man where war is constant. She grew in power and position and went from leading armies to eventually taking her own plane and becoming a god in her own right and worshiped by many.

What few knew was that Narita is actually the incarnation of chaos.

As a champion from The Planes of Man, Narita approached the Diamond Members and worked with several other gods, creator deities, and incarnations to create a band of heroes that would rise up and take back the world of Vandemyr from the Dragons. The Blood Warriors were created with multiple gods and incarnations providing their unique blend of powers and abilities to these warriors. These champions were meant to rise as champions of the Planes of Man.

The Blood Warriors infiltrated, dominated and led battles and after a long but ultimately successful campaign to shake the dragon’s hold on Vandemyr. The final battle escalated from Blood Warriors vs dragons to god’s sending their armies and champions to reinforce the Blood Warriors as Nantaria woke to defend her plane. Ultimately, Narita arrived with her all her glory and with the Blood Warriors at her side they drove Nantaria from the world.

As Vandemyr recovered, The Blood Warriors remained to help the world recover, to bring ancient lines back into power and to help Vandemyr one again prosper.

What no one realized for generations was that The Blood Warriors, immortal and powerful, grew more and more entrenched into Vandemyr. Some even forgot that their local hero or that wizard in that tower or that war leader were ever even associated with the legendary Blood Warriors.

Ultimately, Narita turned on many of the gods she had previously cooperated with and attempted to take Vandemyr for herself. As it turns out, Narita had corrupted the creation of the Blood Warriors and ultimately the warriors seemed under Narita’s control. Narita has come close on three occasions to reconquering Vandemyr.

To attempt to dislodge Narita’s tight-fisted and well-infested grasp on Vandemyr, members of the Rainbow Diamond once gain worked with incarnations and gods to create a second group of heroes to protect the Planes of Man. This time they called on a more stable group of immortals in the creation of what became known as The Lords of Conquest.

These immortals entered the world of Vandemyr quietly and worked their way into its cultures, guilds, and various other factions. They quietly recruited powerful people to their efforts and even, with the help and support of the Diamonds, blessed some champions and heroes into their organization (this included some by now powerful player characters).

During the last rise to conquer by Narita, something occurred that only one entity knew was about to happen. A simple door appeared in a simple port city by the modest name of Lune. The incarnation of time, Gavin, sat on a small village hill and watched. He met the first people to come through this portal. This portal led to another city in another multiverse.

This is the point and time where a variety of DMs began gaming more frequently together and their mutual players wanted the freedom to take their characters back and forth between worlds. The place where these portals appeared were forever called Portal Cities and in each world these portal cities became the center of trade and expansion and economic leadership.

The impact on the opening of the portal allowed for unique and unpredictable things to occur, things that Narita, the Diamonds, the Blood Warriors and the Lords of Conquest could never predict. This included visits through the portal by very powerful players and on a few occasions even gods.

The Lords of Conquest were quicker on the draw and in addition to promoting the rise of heroes and champions in Vandemyr, they recruited helpers from through the portal.

On this last rise to conquer, Narita was ultimately thwarted in a huge battle over the Throne of the Gods, a seat of great power in Vandemyr. In the final throes of the battle, the leader of The Blood Warriors, a powerful martial artist and assassin known as Nightshade, turned on her maker and ultimately killed her. Few were privy to the reasons for this unexpected betrayal but it is believed that the Lord’s of Conquest with the aid of some off-world heroes worked with Nightshade to break the hold Narita had on The Blood Warriors.