Walking in Vandemyr
New Beginnings

After a lengthy hiatus we are launching a new set of characters into the heart of Vandemyr (also known as Nantaria.)

Today, some of the players met and created their characters.

Alexander Adkison, age 12, rolled up a human, male, ranger of noble standing (rolling an awesome 97 for his social class). He is cousin to Arthur’s character and his father is a political power house and one time adventurer, the Duke Ettore Revel. Alexander’s character is his eldest son and heir and much is expected of him. The Duke is not particularly keen about his son’s chosen profession. He chose to name his character Bob. We helped him agree that its a nick name.

Arthur Lowe, age 13, rolled up a human, male, wizard of noble standing (rolling an awesome 94 for his social class). He is a cousin to Alexander’s character and his father, Abri Valent, is an Earl under the Duke, Ettore and has an excellent head for business. He doesn’t seem to relate to his son’s thirst for knowledge or his desires to wander about. He named his character Indrin Dresik. I’m assuming Dresik is his mother’s family name and what he uses when wandering about.

Barbara Heins, rolled up a wood elf, female, fighter (archer), with awesome stats (and an 18 charisma). Her father is set in his ways and is part of the elven guard. He sees his duties to protect the elves has is primary responsibility. She has an uncle, Cindrin Deluin (the swift) that was once part of an adventuring group (with the Duke). She’s still working on her character. She named her character Lothiriel.

Katie Lowe, rolled up a human, rogue, with a high intelligence giving her an awesome set of skills. Her father is a ship’s architect and well connected and well traveled. Katie’s character has often traveled on his trips with him. Katie chose to name her character Ives.

Lisa Lowe, rolled up a 1/2 elven, 1/2 human (of Asian descent), a monk of modest means. Lisa’s character is a servant to an NPC journeyman (she doesn’t know that much about him). Her Monastery was attacked and most of the monks either killed or enslaved. Lisa named her character Shizuko. Her character is by the far the most traveled at the beginning of our adventures.

We spent most of our time during this first session creating characters and ended with some role playing to establish their characters and set them up for their first adventure.

The Duke Ettore Revel summoned his son and his nephew to a meeting where they met a strange dark skinned and somewhat sylvan man named Jakka and his demure traveling companion, Shizuko. They met Kass who seems well acquainted with the Duke and Jakka. Kass is a tall, red haired female barbarian. They were soon joined by a fair elf named Lothiriel and the human man that brought her to the meeting, Ives. Lothiriel had traveled far from her homeland and brought with her a massive decorated war chest covered in runes of each of the seven ancient languages and sealed with a large symbol of Inanna, the Sumerian God of War (an eight sided star).

The Duke told the group that should they agree to his terms he would send them in support of a slave uprising.

The group must not talk about their task. Its a delicate situation. They will go to a different Kingdom and a different duchy and the locals have an understanding with the Nighttooth Tribe. A tribe of humanoids, primarily orc, that run mines in the mountains. The humans take the raw ores that are mined and pay the humanoids to work the mines. The humanoids, run by a mighty orc named Tumak, use slave labor and are known to buy and sell slaves and to also go on slave raids into neighboring kingdoms and even into the Eternus Wood, an ancient sylvan forest.

In exchange for a mighty sum of 1,000 GP (100 GS) to each member (and the potential to earn more), the retinue will travel with the war chest and protect it. They will travel by ship to the fortified port city of Hostilia, in the Duchy of Eryx, in the Kingdom of Ateste. They will meet up with Nico Accardi. Nico is an agent of Omicore. The Duke informed them that Omicore will provide some additions to the war chest and will provide the group with further instructions, supplies, and maps and tell them about where to escort the chest next. The chest will make at least one additional stop at the Monastery of Terni (famous for its sages and its library). Savo, a gray mage, will have further additions to the crate.

Ultimately, the group will meet up with Nix a 1/2 sylvan scout and Soram a 1/2 orc. Soram leads the uprising and his group is always on the move in the mountains surrounding the mines. Soram is an old friend of the Marquis, even though he his a 1/2 orc. The Duke expects the group to treat Soram with respect and to present him the crate.

At this point, the group is free to support Soram and Nix in their endeavors. Should they succeed in helping Soram and freeing the mine and the slaves, the members of the retinue can expect a bonus of 200 GP and should they succeed in helping to negotiate a new treaty with the local magistrate, a man named Theese Prato, they will receive another 500 GP. Theese lives in a fortress and fortified, mountain town named Rimini that sits at the headwaters of the Liri, a trade river-way.

The Duke also informed them that if any of them should fail to return but the escorting of the crate is accomplished, then the Duke guarantees he’ll send 500 GP to their family.

If a character is particularly ill prepared, the Duke, as part of the oath, will allow each member to borrow up to half of their guaranteed amount to prepare for the task at hand (250 GP).

New Player
One more trooper

Met with an additional player today. She’s going to possibly play a human, male, fighter. We’re racking up the human fighters. With three prestige skills at first level its mighty attractive to play.

We parted this part of our conversation with her going home to do some of the book work.

Luck would have it, she’s an experienced player and DM and so that will make things move more smoothly.

Additional Players
Two more into the drink

Met with two possible players today. I’ll add their names at some point. They’re experienced players and one of them DMs and seems to like the creative and world building end of things.

One of them likes to play diplomatic characters. At least that was my take-away from our talk.

I believe we’ll end up with a Paladin and a Fighter. They can tell me different. They’re going to work on their characters and we’ll go from there!

Hired by Duke Ettore Revel
Blood Oaths

The Duke Ettore Revel is a wealthy noble that has hired the party to provide armed escort of a large, magically sealed war chest.


In preparation for this escort duty, The Duke requires that you attend the local military games and practice your various skills in the arena. He has arranged for you to work together to sharpen your skills previous to your disembarkation.


The Duke will require everyone in the group to take an oath of service. These are common in the area in which you live. This is similar to an employment contract. It’s two way. By taking the oath the Duke makes guarantees to your families or guilds or churches or debtor to pay a modest amount to them should you die. This happens under specific conditions. If you actually escort the war chest and accomplish the task but one of you dies in the process or dies on the way home, then the Duke will pay the death fee.

Be prepared for game day on 4-19-15 to take at least a turn in the arena.

If we manage to have the characters prepared and have accomplished the prep for disembarkation, the characters will leave for the first part of their journey.

Goblins, goblins, everwhere
Sand Squid!


Our intrepid adventurers begin their climb to fame and fortune (and if they can accomplish something along the way, all the better!)

The Duke arranged for some initial arena fighting in which the players could test their mettle and learn how one another fight (and for our new gamer…come to understand how a typical round my go).

The character team included a barbarian, two fighters, a druid, a rouge and a fighter-magic user.


They fought a group of seven goblins. Four fighters, an archer, and two shaman types. To complicate matters, one of the shaman didn’t seem to do anything but lend his abilities (somehow) to the other shaman and between the two of them, they summoned a sand squid. A creature that sort of swam under the sand of the arena and lashed out with tentacles at the player characters. They summoned a new one every round.

After a long battle, the characters killed most of the goblins. After critically wounding one of the shaman, the barbarian rushed the last shaman and demanded in surrender. With a successful rush and intimidate, the shaman did surrender and dispelled the summoned creatures.

We found out that staying on task is important to gaming at a faster pace. We found out we don’t recall all the rules all that well and have some work to do.

I realized how tough it can be to play a druid.

I can’t wait to get some of this stuff under our belt, move things along at a faster pace, and work to keep distractions down and minimum while keeping folks engaged.

Thanks to all the players. I can’t wait to see our story unfold!

Miniatures, a Mat, Books, and some Walls
Gaming comes to life!

Everyone thank Mr. Peter Adkison for the use of his massive playing mat, an army of miniatures (quite a few seem to be dwarves), some cool terrain and walls and reference books to help it look more like I know what I’m doing.


Travel to the Kingdom of Ateste
Ship Ahoy

The characters begin their adventure in the Twelve Kingdoms, the Empire of Vandemyr.

The characters spent two weeks in the Kingdom of Parma, in the Duchy of Savona, in the city of Vetere. They were guests of Duke Ettore Revel. He is the sponsor of the War Chest escort.

During the two weeks, characters prepped themselves, fought in the local arena, became acquainted with one another, and accomplished some research.

Three additional invitees joined the crew. Two half-gray-elves, a male and a female, brother and sister duo came out of the forest of Divindell, a sylvan trading forest. It is rumored they heard of the wood elf Lothiriel’s task of escorting the war chest and took off after her. A dwarven cleric arrived ready to wield his sacred hammered-axe (but not as excited to go anywhere by boat).

The retinue met Captain Trip, captain of the Carpathia. Trip is a charismatic captain flying Empiric and Parma flags. The Empiric Flags means in shipping standards that Captain Trip is a trusted captain of a empiric ship-of-the line and has free reign to dock at any of the twelve kingdoms ports.

During the voyage, the Carpathia came upon a crippled ship, the Eclipse. The Eclipse had survived and escaped the attack of a pirate ship called the Furious Fish. The Furious ghosted them for three days and on the third night they attacked. They were first attacked by five spirits (shape shifters) that swam between the two ships and boarded the Carpathia. They managed to kill the healer, the summoner, and a Serrin (mentalist) and the captain. With great speed, the Furious over took them. During the fight, the attackers took their Nogal, the sea-sprite that allows them to navigate the deep ocean.

An alchemist traveling on the Eclipse launched an attack at the Furious. He managed to spread an acidic fire that took out the landing ramp between the two ships (and also managed to destroy the masts of both ships). This allowed the Eclipse to escape but just barely.

Some of the pirates of the Furious were left on board the Eclipse and they fought a retreat to one of the lower holding bays and blockaded themselves inside.

Some of the retinue joined some of Trip’s men and they scoured the Eclipse. They helped those needing healing and they reinforced the doors to the hold. The pirates asked for food and water (this was four days after the attack).

Trip wanted the pirates taken to shore and questioned. So, they provided some meager rations through the loading hatch.

The Carpathia tugged the Eclipse to the nearest port and left her to the local magistrate and resumed her travels.

Upon arrival at Hostilia, the characters noted that the port was one of the largest any of them had seen. It included a dwarven sea wall with matching light houses and a deep port.

The docks seemed an example of a well oiled machine. The military has its presence almost everywhere, including the docks. The ships are all searched and their paperwork all meticulously reviewed. All visitors to the docks are recorded before they are allowed entry to the city.

Once past the entry to the city, the group made its way to the Chard Phoenix.


A hotel known for its ale and tobacco products and for its loyalty to the Omicore. An agent of Omicore, Nico, will meet the group at this hotel within a week of their arrival. Omicore will add support materials to the war chest and Nico will provide an escort to the Monastery of Terni (famous for its sages and library).


The group has an opportunity to get to know Hostilia while waiting for Nico’s arrival.

Players are asked to do what they can to ask most questions by Thursday so I have time to pull things together for them by Sunday.

On the way to the Town of Ardea
To save a child


The group traveled from the city toward the Monastery in their endeavor to escort the War Chest of Innana to the Monastery so that the mage there could add more items to it.

On their trip, they ran into a couple of burning carts and one of them with screaming horses attached. They rushed to rescue the screaming horse and found a youth and his younger sister hiding in the long grasses. The youth shot at the group with a light cross bow. The young girl was shot through the gut with a bolt.

The clerics worked on the girl and they moved both to their own cart. The story the youth told was that they were attacked by some brigands and that the brigands took all of their possessions and took off with their parents.

A few of the team trailed the brigands and came upon the children’s parents both dead. The trailed a bit further and found off in the distance an old tower that over looked the valley. They couldn’t get very lose to it without revealing their position but were fairly certain that the brigands went toward the tower.

They met up with the group and moved on. That night their camp was attacked in the dark of the night by brigands and their war dogs. After a viscous fight, and a few characters down and close to death, they managed to kill the brigands and the dogs…they did save one dog and the druid took over its care.

A patrol from the local village showed up and helped take care of the bodies.

To the amazement of everyone present, Nico summoned a pixie and she healed the little girl with white lotus.


The group spent a few nights in the village to recover and buy supplies.

The Fire of Ardea
To Die for a Brigand


The characters woke to a fire in three places around the town. One at the bottom of the valley, one in the market and one in the near by forest.

The characters head out to the fire in the forest and found a town tower outpost on fire. There were four bodies but everyone else was missing. The followed the obvious trail and trailed the brigands and their prisoners for miles. They spotted one of the brigands look outs and captured him. They convinced him to walk into the brigand camp and distract them while the characters launched a surprise attack.

Eventually, the characters managed to defeat the brigands and managed to capture two of them for questioning. They killed both the leader and their toughest fighter, an Ogre.

Two characters were killed. The druid and a fighter.

The brigand that served as their distraction was also killed.

They returned to the village, keeping the prisoners at the tower outpost for questioning. They also rescued most of the guards and the other people that lived at the tower.

At least one brigand escaped.

They found a note on the leader that confirmed that there was a meeting at Break Neck Ridge at the new moon in three weeks and that this leader they just killed planned to be there. The note told him he was doing well with his collection of slaves…his quota…and to keep it up!

When they returned to Ardea they discovered that their hotel had been attacked and that someone had tried to steal the War Chest. The three giants and the characters that stayed behind defended the chest.

The managed to borrow enough money to raise everyone but will have to pay interest. They ended up staying an additional week in the town to recover.



On the way to the monastery, the adventurers wound up and through valleys on a steeply exposed road side.

While camping, during the early dawn light, they woke to the sound of hoof beats. They found a spooked horse in full armor and wearing the symbols of Donblas.

A few of the team chased the horse down and few of them followed the trail that lead a ways up the road and then followed a side fork.

The fork lead to an seemingly abandoned mill with a small overrun village. Bodies of both humans and humanoids littered the place. Inside the mill, the team found a small entrance to some cave systems that the humanoids apparently didn’t find. They took some left supplies and searched the grounds for anything useful. They did not find the paladin but did find that some of the humanoids had lived and had taken off up the valley floor and into the mountains.

The group reformed and made the decision that their goal was to get the War Chest of Innana to the monastery and to not become distracted.

They made it to the monastery and were able to stay a few days there to regroup, resupply, and to meet with the mage. Some members of the party took the opportunity to study in the library and some chose to meet with the monks that guard the library and practice their martial skills.


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