1/2 Orc, muscular, scarred, charismatic


Leader of Vigilant, the slave rebellion in the mines of Seraph’s Fall
One time member of the Nighttooth Clan

Wielder of The Edge of Light, a sword renowned for its virtuous wielders, once rumored to have been wielded by an angel named Abathor, once in the service of Donblas, the Melnibonean God of Justice.



Soram was found with Nix when he was a youth. They escaped the Nighttooth Clan. Omi, an adventuring group founded by Ettore Revel, had recently exited a wild forest, the Asari. Omi took pity on Nix and Soram. They protected Nix and trained Soram and both became card-carrying members of Omi.

Soram returned to infiltrate the Nighttooth Clan with the plan to find out as much as he could about the clan before leading a rebellion.

Each of the Omi members pledged to support Soram and Nix in their individual ways. Soram is under their behest to avoid starting a war that would rise to involve the Dukes and Kings…if possible.


Vandemyr Katah