Achille Maggio

male, mid 30s; 6'1"; eyes:blue; hair:dark, long, neat; build:broad; clothing: grey.


Armor: Full plate; Shield: Tower; Weapons: Longsword +2.


The Maggio family, run by the Lady Coda Maggio and her husband, Sir Vorlan Maggio, run extensive wineries. The Lady Coda’s sister, Gaila Calvina, is a druid and runs the winery. Lady Coda, herself, represents the Magia Collegium, the library of magic, on the noble counsel and is an accomplished mage. Sir Vorlan owns a mercernary guild, Vae Vectis, which translates roughly to “Woe to the Conquered”. Though Coda isn’t particularly religious, both Gaila and Vorlan tend to be. Gaila worships Bacchus and Vorlan is a follower of Dex. Vorlan was an adventurer with the Duke.

  • Son, Marcus
  • Daughter, Valeria
  • Daughter, Bella
  • Son, Achille
  • Daughter, Helena
  • Son, Valize

Achille has grown up within the Church of Dex. Although Dex is a god of mercenaries it’s a much more civilized religion heavily focusing on diplomatic negotiations, combat strategy, and the most excellent mercenary armies. This attitude has shaped Achille’s attitude toward conflict significantly over the course of his education within the church. His preference in combat is to fight efficiently, negotiate effectively, and to strategise elegantly. He absolutely disapproves of sloppy fighting, needless risks, and the wilfully ignorant.

Achille is softspoken, well-educated, and thoroughly unsupporting of idiots.

He has had a history of campaigning in a rather large mercenary company and has left them to strike out in a much smaller party to further his career as a strategist mercenary.

Achille Maggio

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