Underground City of Arkon

Joining the Rebels


The adventurers made it to the hidden valley where the Rebels would be able to contact them. From here, the adventurers were able to visit the famous underground city Arkon.

Arkon is a massive underground city where anyone can come and many do. Its heavily fortified and many an illegal activity takes place.

A massive wizard’s tower sits in the center of the city with a sub-elder black dragon wrapped around its top.

Nix showed up at the hidden valley and the group had to hurry to a nearby valley and aid some of her people that had been attacked. They killed most of the attackers but a fleeing drow set of some kind of earthquake affect that opened up a spreading fisher in the valley under the group and they had to scramble to not fall into the fisher. Many of the bandits were swallowed into the fisher. The group made their way back to the hidden valley and found that Soram had arrived. He showed them a secret entrance into the caves they had stayed in and they used the underground old dwarven highway to get to the rebels current mining camp.

Blackstone Mine is an ancient mine once run by a famous dwarven miner named Corage. The dwarves have long since left this mine and it is in disrepair but still shows the strength the dwarves had for mining.




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