Travel to the Kingdom of Ateste

Ship Ahoy

The characters begin their adventure in the Twelve Kingdoms, the Empire of Vandemyr.

The characters spent two weeks in the Kingdom of Parma, in the Duchy of Savona, in the city of Vetere. They were guests of Duke Ettore Revel. He is the sponsor of the War Chest escort.

During the two weeks, characters prepped themselves, fought in the local arena, became acquainted with one another, and accomplished some research.

Three additional invitees joined the crew. Two half-gray-elves, a male and a female, brother and sister duo came out of the forest of Divindell, a sylvan trading forest. It is rumored they heard of the wood elf Lothiriel’s task of escorting the war chest and took off after her. A dwarven cleric arrived ready to wield his sacred hammered-axe (but not as excited to go anywhere by boat).

The retinue met Captain Trip, captain of the Carpathia. Trip is a charismatic captain flying Empiric and Parma flags. The Empiric Flags means in shipping standards that Captain Trip is a trusted captain of a empiric ship-of-the line and has free reign to dock at any of the twelve kingdoms ports.

During the voyage, the Carpathia came upon a crippled ship, the Eclipse. The Eclipse had survived and escaped the attack of a pirate ship called the Furious Fish. The Furious ghosted them for three days and on the third night they attacked. They were first attacked by five spirits (shape shifters) that swam between the two ships and boarded the Carpathia. They managed to kill the healer, the summoner, and a Serrin (mentalist) and the captain. With great speed, the Furious over took them. During the fight, the attackers took their Nogal, the sea-sprite that allows them to navigate the deep ocean.

An alchemist traveling on the Eclipse launched an attack at the Furious. He managed to spread an acidic fire that took out the landing ramp between the two ships (and also managed to destroy the masts of both ships). This allowed the Eclipse to escape but just barely.

Some of the pirates of the Furious were left on board the Eclipse and they fought a retreat to one of the lower holding bays and blockaded themselves inside.

Some of the retinue joined some of Trip’s men and they scoured the Eclipse. They helped those needing healing and they reinforced the doors to the hold. The pirates asked for food and water (this was four days after the attack).

Trip wanted the pirates taken to shore and questioned. So, they provided some meager rations through the loading hatch.

The Carpathia tugged the Eclipse to the nearest port and left her to the local magistrate and resumed her travels.

Upon arrival at Hostilia, the characters noted that the port was one of the largest any of them had seen. It included a dwarven sea wall with matching light houses and a deep port.

The docks seemed an example of a well oiled machine. The military has its presence almost everywhere, including the docks. The ships are all searched and their paperwork all meticulously reviewed. All visitors to the docks are recorded before they are allowed entry to the city.

Once past the entry to the city, the group made its way to the Chard Phoenix.


A hotel known for its ale and tobacco products and for its loyalty to the Omicore. An agent of Omicore, Nico, will meet the group at this hotel within a week of their arrival. Omicore will add support materials to the war chest and Nico will provide an escort to the Monastery of Terni (famous for its sages and library).


The group has an opportunity to get to know Hostilia while waiting for Nico’s arrival.

Players are asked to do what they can to ask most questions by Thursday so I have time to pull things together for them by Sunday.



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