The Fire of Ardea

To Die for a Brigand


The characters woke to a fire in three places around the town. One at the bottom of the valley, one in the market and one in the near by forest.

The characters head out to the fire in the forest and found a town tower outpost on fire. There were four bodies but everyone else was missing. The followed the obvious trail and trailed the brigands and their prisoners for miles. They spotted one of the brigands look outs and captured him. They convinced him to walk into the brigand camp and distract them while the characters launched a surprise attack.

Eventually, the characters managed to defeat the brigands and managed to capture two of them for questioning. They killed both the leader and their toughest fighter, an Ogre.

Two characters were killed. The druid and a fighter.

The brigand that served as their distraction was also killed.

They returned to the village, keeping the prisoners at the tower outpost for questioning. They also rescued most of the guards and the other people that lived at the tower.

At least one brigand escaped.

They found a note on the leader that confirmed that there was a meeting at Break Neck Ridge at the new moon in three weeks and that this leader they just killed planned to be there. The note told him he was doing well with his collection of slaves…his quota…and to keep it up!

When they returned to Ardea they discovered that their hotel had been attacked and that someone had tried to steal the War Chest. The three giants and the characters that stayed behind defended the chest.

The managed to borrow enough money to raise everyone but will have to pay interest. They ended up staying an additional week in the town to recover.



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