On the way to the Town of Ardea

To save a child


The group traveled from the city toward the Monastery in their endeavor to escort the War Chest of Innana to the Monastery so that the mage there could add more items to it.

On their trip, they ran into a couple of burning carts and one of them with screaming horses attached. They rushed to rescue the screaming horse and found a youth and his younger sister hiding in the long grasses. The youth shot at the group with a light cross bow. The young girl was shot through the gut with a bolt.

The clerics worked on the girl and they moved both to their own cart. The story the youth told was that they were attacked by some brigands and that the brigands took all of their possessions and took off with their parents.

A few of the team trailed the brigands and came upon the children’s parents both dead. The trailed a bit further and found off in the distance an old tower that over looked the valley. They couldn’t get very lose to it without revealing their position but were fairly certain that the brigands went toward the tower.

They met up with the group and moved on. That night their camp was attacked in the dark of the night by brigands and their war dogs. After a viscous fight, and a few characters down and close to death, they managed to kill the brigands and the dogs…they did save one dog and the druid took over its care.

A patrol from the local village showed up and helped take care of the bodies.

To the amazement of everyone present, Nico summoned a pixie and she healed the little girl with white lotus.


The group spent a few nights in the village to recover and buy supplies.



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