On the way to the monastery, the adventurers wound up and through valleys on a steeply exposed road side.

While camping, during the early dawn light, they woke to the sound of hoof beats. They found a spooked horse in full armor and wearing the symbols of Donblas.

A few of the team chased the horse down and few of them followed the trail that lead a ways up the road and then followed a side fork.

The fork lead to an seemingly abandoned mill with a small overrun village. Bodies of both humans and humanoids littered the place. Inside the mill, the team found a small entrance to some cave systems that the humanoids apparently didn’t find. They took some left supplies and searched the grounds for anything useful. They did not find the paladin but did find that some of the humanoids had lived and had taken off up the valley floor and into the mountains.

The group reformed and made the decision that their goal was to get the War Chest of Innana to the monastery and to not become distracted.

They made it to the monastery and were able to stay a few days there to regroup, resupply, and to meet with the mage. Some members of the party took the opportunity to study in the library and some chose to meet with the monks that guard the library and practice their martial skills.



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