Hired by Duke Ettore Revel

Blood Oaths

The Duke Ettore Revel is a wealthy noble that has hired the party to provide armed escort of a large, magically sealed war chest.


In preparation for this escort duty, The Duke requires that you attend the local military games and practice your various skills in the arena. He has arranged for you to work together to sharpen your skills previous to your disembarkation.


The Duke will require everyone in the group to take an oath of service. These are common in the area in which you live. This is similar to an employment contract. It’s two way. By taking the oath the Duke makes guarantees to your families or guilds or churches or debtor to pay a modest amount to them should you die. This happens under specific conditions. If you actually escort the war chest and accomplish the task but one of you dies in the process or dies on the way home, then the Duke will pay the death fee.

Be prepared for game day on 4-19-15 to take at least a turn in the arena.

If we manage to have the characters prepared and have accomplished the prep for disembarkation, the characters will leave for the first part of their journey.



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