Goblins, goblins, everwhere

Sand Squid!


Our intrepid adventurers begin their climb to fame and fortune (and if they can accomplish something along the way, all the better!)

The Duke arranged for some initial arena fighting in which the players could test their mettle and learn how one another fight (and for our new gamer…come to understand how a typical round my go).

The character team included a barbarian, two fighters, a druid, a rouge and a fighter-magic user.


They fought a group of seven goblins. Four fighters, an archer, and two shaman types. To complicate matters, one of the shaman didn’t seem to do anything but lend his abilities (somehow) to the other shaman and between the two of them, they summoned a sand squid. A creature that sort of swam under the sand of the arena and lashed out with tentacles at the player characters. They summoned a new one every round.

After a long battle, the characters killed most of the goblins. After critically wounding one of the shaman, the barbarian rushed the last shaman and demanded in surrender. With a successful rush and intimidate, the shaman did surrender and dispelled the summoned creatures.

We found out that staying on task is important to gaming at a faster pace. We found out we don’t recall all the rules all that well and have some work to do.

I realized how tough it can be to play a druid.

I can’t wait to get some of this stuff under our belt, move things along at a faster pace, and work to keep distractions down and minimum while keeping folks engaged.

Thanks to all the players. I can’t wait to see our story unfold!



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